A few words about us


11AM - 9 PM

Turtle Shack Cafe —

Small Place, Big Reputation

Flagler Beach, FL

  • 70+ YEARS of combined experience within our staff!
  • Bright, Friendly, and Inviting atmosphere.
  • Menu Items to satisfy all palates!

Opening on March 24th, 2011, the goal has remained the same; Bringing fresh ingredients together to form meals that people love, present the food with great service, and maintain a friendly atmosphere that all can enjoy.

From our award winning Maryland inspired Crab cakes and our award winning Jumbo Burgers all the way to hand-made Pierogies and Fresh Avocado Eggrolls; Every product we create is designed with love and attention to detail.

Our menu isn't derived from one single region, or from one single person, or one single idea. Our menu is designed with a focus on highlighting the best way to use particular ingredients.

Those fresh ingredients paired with creative thinking, a passion to learn and grow, and commitment to customer satisfaction from our staff has driven The Turtle Shack to new heights.

Both the food and the smiles are picture worthy.